Sunday, May 20, 2007


Remember when we used to go through Karen's mail? Well, we haven't heard from journalist/author Karen Spears Zacharias in a long while, possibly because of all the times we went through her mail. We happily received a note today, though. Here's what Karen had to report: "I'm sitting here in Fairfax, VA, waiting on S_____ so that we can head up to Baltimore to visit Poe's grave but S_____, who is my most pokey child, insists that first she has to finish the last episode of the Gilmore Girls. S_____ doesn't have TV. She watches all her shows online. Hey, I said. My friend Jack loves that show. It's sad it's over, S_____ said. Meanwhile Poe only grows colder..." In other series finale news, VERONICA MARS has been canceled, despite earlier reports on the "blog." Always remember, the "blog" does not know what it is talking about! A cloud hangs over the Pendarvis Building.