Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mr. Ward's Presidential Korner: Special Gershwin Edition Written Behind Mr. Ward's Back

Welcome to Mr. Ward's Presidential Korner, our series of insights into U.S. Presidents, courtesy of "Blog" Buddy Mr. Ward. But Mr. Ward has nothing to do with today's Presidential Korner, so if you don't enjoy it, don't blame Mr. Ward! Last night we learned something presidential from the Gerswhin bio we're reading, and here it is. A newspaper reviewer of the 1931 Gershwin musical/presidential satire "Of Thee I Sing" praised one of the stars of the show for having "something of the Herb Hoover appealing fat babyhood." Awww! They make Hoover sound like a little cutie! Who knew that he was admired for his "appealing fat babyhood"? Not this "blogger." See you next time, when Mr. Ward himself will be back with something livelier and more substantial.