Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Meet Me In Las Vegas

I only caught glimpses of the film MEET ME IN LAS VEGAS on TCM today, because I was getting ready to go have my picture made with Sheri Joseph. When I left the house, Cyd Charisse (pictured) was pantomiming beating up a lady in underpants as Sammy Davis, Jr. (off-screen for the entire song) offered a rendition of the old love-and-murder ballad "Frankie and Johnny" with the words updated into hipster lingo ("Everyone was juiced, as you may have deduced" providing one of the milder examples). I should take a moment to express a certain sentiment again in regard to TCM: DEAR ROBERT OSBORNE, PLEASE LET ME BE A "GUEST PROGRAMMER" ON YOUR NETWORK!!! I WILL DO A REALLY GOOD JOB! I WILL SIT IN A CHAIR AND BEHAVE! Okay. Ms. Joseph happened to mention to me today that she tried to "click" on the review that compares me to David Sedaris, and was led back only to my own "blog," which does not quote the review on that point. That's because the review of my book only appears in the print edition of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. For some reason it's not on the "web" version. But I promise it compares me to David Sedaris! Go thumb through a copy at your local bookstore and see if I'm not telling the truth. But please don't drop any of those subscription cards on the floor. Someone else will have to come along and clean up your mess! It's the one with Michael Moore on the cover, rather than some starlet or another, so I imagine there will be plenty of copies left.