Sunday, May 27, 2007

Last Chance

National Rewrite Your Novel Month is coming to a close, but if your novel is short you still have time to join in the fun! And of course, if you have a novella, the last week of National Rewrite Your Novel Month has been officially designated Rewrite Your Novella Week. Well, I will be participating in a big National Rewrite Your Novel Month event today - think of a pie eating contest, except with novels instead of pies and rewriting instead of eating. It takes place at the Greater Gulf State Fairgrounds, and Black Oak Arkansas is providing the music, so come on down! I'm looking forward to the competition, but that means no more "blogging" today. I'll leave you with a "blog" preview for the coming week: watch out for a continuation of Jeff McNeil's investigative report on the Pitcairn island chain, including a fascinating look at the castaway chimp of Henderson Island. No fair "Googling" the story prematurely! Just sit tight and enjoy the anticipation.