Monday, May 28, 2007

Dr. "M.'s" TV Korner: Fun With 18th Century Philosophy!

Welcome once again to Dr. "M.'s" TV Korner. This week Dr. "M." sends us an interesting "link" about the utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham and his apparent connection to the TV series LOST. Warning: If you do not want to blow your freaking mind and find out potential secrets about the plot of the show, thereby perhaps spoiling all the fun of watching it if you are sensitive to such things, DO NOT "CLICK" ON THIS "LINK"! We are moved to remark, however, on the coincidences and convergences that seem to make up the very lifeblood of the "blog": Jeremy Bentham (or rather his preserved body, which is housed in a glass case at University College, London, and apparently brought out for the occasional social function) made an appearance, until recently, in my novel - but he was removed during National Rewrite Your Novel Month. I also found a reference to him - long after I had written about him in my novel - in Marina Warner's book PHANTASMAGORIA, another frequent subject of the "blog." The "blog" is beginning to have as many weird coincidences as LOST itself. We're afraid!