Monday, May 07, 2007

Okay, One More Thing For Tonight

Kent has filed a report from the Maryland Film Festival. I don't know if my dream of Laura Lippman and David Simon and the entire cast of THE WIRE going to see "The Pipe" came true, but I do know that Kent was invited to the HOME of John Waters (as you can read on the "link" above)! You know, the son of the history professor once saw John Waters in a bank, but somehow fate intervened and they did not get to chat. He (the son), a precocious film expert, was only 12 at the time, and I believe I recall that his father did not think that Mr. Waters would like to be pestered, but I suspect he would have enjoyed being recognized by a kid (this is the same kid, a good deal older now, who compared Hubcap City to a witch's funeral). Anyway, a while back I heard John Waters on NPR, calling THE WIRE the best show ever, or words to that effect. By the way, have you read Ms. Lippman's book EVERY SECRET THING? I asked her which of her books I should start with and she said that one, and boy was she on to something! That book has two characters you will never forget... AT LEAST two! But two for sure. Read it and tell me which ones you think I'm talking about. Maybe you'll pick different ones! Hey, let's start a book club. But it will have to wait until July.