Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dr. "M.'s" TV Korner: Weekly LOST Roundup

Welcome once again to Dr. "M.'s" TV Korner. As usual when Dr. "M." decides to discuss LOST, we have heavily edited her thoughts for the benefit of our readers who may not have seen last night's episode. We feel that those who HAVE seen the episode will get a "kick" from trying to discern the censored passages, while those who have not will titillate themselves with wild speculation. Fun for all! And now, we turn things over to Dr. "M.": "While I enjoyed last night's episode of LOST," she writes, "in which one scene in particular made me bolt from the futon up to the TV itself (think ***** *** ***!), I was dismayed by the ***** storyline. I initially appreciated the derivative PSYCHO moment with the rocking chair, but when things started ******* ******* **** ***** and when Locke actually saw ******** ** *** ****** (note: if you watch the episode on, it's easy to freeze frame that moment and get a better look at ** ******!), I was just ticked. C'mon, Carlton Cuse! I can deal with a little paranormality here and there, but ********** is just lame in this critic's book. On a different note, Ben is one sad, sick, *********** of a *********** [editor's note: This passage was censored for profanity rather than spoilers]. But he's losing his grip, people, and I for one like it! A question for my LOST comrades: do you think it odd that Richard (black eyeliner dude) is supposed to be older than Ben? And did anyone note that Ben's teacher is Samantha Mathis (who I have not seen on screen since some River Phoenix film in the late 80s/early 90s)? On a similar 'where are they now' note, a friend reports that Ben's father was the bartender on CHINA BEACH. Beaches seem to be a theme in his acting career, but he was clearly not the wing beneath Ben's wings, now was he?"