Monday, May 14, 2007

Coincidences Haunt "Blog"

Here's another one for you coincidence fans! Okay... you know about the last two rather gigantic non-fiction books we've read here at the "blog": PHANTASMAGORIA by Marina Warner and GERSHWIN: HIS LIFE AND WORK by Howard Pollack (we're on p. 427 of that one and it's still as fresh as ever). Anyway, you know how a non-fiction book will often have a glossy section of photographs in the middle? That's just one way those non-fiction people have us fiction writers beat! Well, in PHANTASMAGORIA there's a full-color plate of a self-portrait by Arnold Schoenberg (this, by the way, in a book that really ought to have nothing to do with Schoenberg, but somehow he crept in). And in the Gerswhin book, there's a photo of Mr. Gershwin working on his portrait of... Arnold Schoenberg! That's right. The last two non-fiction books we have read feature PHOTOGRAPHS of PAINTINGS of Arnold Schoenberg. Lip-smackingly coincidental! Visit the "blog" again soon, for all your coincidence needs. We see them everywhere so you don't have to.