Tuesday, May 29, 2007

June Will Be A Series of Sordid Pitches

I will be gone for most of June, resurfacing in the "blog" "o" "sphere" only to "plug" each new appearance for my "book." I'm sorry, but that's what "blogs" are for. For example, I've heard I will be "linked" to by Creative Loafing tomorrow, so I feel the need to mention my reading at A Cappella Books on Saturday evening. I have to stick it here at the top of the "blog" for any newcomers I might be able to trick into reading my book. I'm sorry! I'm sorry! But don't forget, I have provided a whole long list of other things you can read about that have nothing to do with besmirching "art" with "lucre." And just to show that I'm a good sport, I'm going to list some other fun things you can read about and blot my sad self-promotion entirely from your offended consciousness: 1) The time I saw Bruce Springsteen for real! Earlier tonight! 2) The time I saw a lot of robins all at once. 3) Important information: it is no longer possible to email Roy Clark with the "internet." 4) The man who hates "blogs." 5) The time I was nine and dressed up as "The Shadow" for no good reason. 6) A story about a table. 7) You could take some time and review The Twenty "Blog"mandments. 8) The caption contest has never officially closed. 9) Spider-Man and the Fun Reading Gang meet Conan the Barbarian in Outer Space.