Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Overheard In a Coffee Shop As Usual

Well, I have overheard something else in a coffee shop. Not the coffee shop where the guy said "Oh, snap!" three times in quick succession, but my favorite coffee shop. I was reading the paper and the young guys and gals behind the counter were listening to some electronica at a healthy volume. It was one of those songs that stops suddenly. Well, it stopped suddenly. And a man, who had been talking loudly, I suppose, during the song, was caught shouting mid-sentence or mid-thought, like so: "SUGAR GOES IN AND I CAN'T BEND OVER!" A puzzling fragment! There was a deathly pause as it sunk in to the man's table of friends that he had screamed his bit of weirdness into the silent air. Then everyone had a good laugh. I joined in, I admit! But everyone seemed jolly about it, free of scorn and judgement. It was an enjoyable non-sequitur. I'll type it again for your contemplation and pleasure: "SUGAR GOES IN AND I CAN'T BEND OVER!" And strangely, it seemed to "go" with the newspaper article I was reading all about an industrious fellow ("click" here to check him out) who has released a CD of his favorite symphony concert intermission noises. Gosh, I was thinking as I read, I would like to discuss this with the man from Hubcap City, given the content of our past conversations. And then the music stopped and the guy across the room yelled, "SUGAR GOES IN AND I CAN'T BEND OVER!"