Wednesday, May 09, 2007

California, Here I "Blog"

Worrisome reports of a big fire in Los Angeles. So we called our West Coast "Blog" Buddies to check in. My brother lives pretty close to the fire, but he says it's looking better right now from his window. And then he and I - as we do during every phone call - came up with an idea for a terrible movie. Our latest might best be described as TRON meets YOU'VE GOT MAIL. You can't see this, but I'm vomiting right now. Still, if you're a producer and you're interested, give us a call! When I got in touch with Kent he was going bowling on his lunch break. Bowling at lunch! I guess "anything goes" with these "Hollywood types." I'm sorry I said what I said about vomiting. It's not your fault, Tom Hanks! Every time I run across THAT THING YOU DO! (exclamation point not mine) on the "cable" I can't help sitting there and watching it. I find it compelling. Vivacious! And the title song gets stuck in my head.