Thursday, May 10, 2007

Brother-In-Law Chips In

The "Blog" Brother-In-Law (who seems awfully nonchalant for someone who's getting married on Saturday) knows how tickled we get by weird old wrongheaded superheroes, and has kindly donated a "link" purporting to name the "lamest superheroes of all time." We have mentioned one of these - Brother Power the Geek - on the "blog" before. Another, the Red Bee, strikes us as particularly charming: he has a pet bee that helps him fight crime! In conclusion, we must say a word in defense of Matter Eater Lad (pictured). I always thought he was cool when I was a kid! He could eat anything! Ah, it feels to good to say. It has been a while (over seven months!) since we were able to discuss the Legion of Superheroes (of which Matter Eater Lad is a part) on the "blog," given our publisher's qualms.