Monday, May 14, 2007

Sheri Joseph Climbs Aboard

National Rewrite Your Novel Month is growing exponentially! This just in from novelist Sheri Joseph, on her contribution to the celebration: "This is a novel I've been writing since like 1992--and yes, I do want some kind of a prize for that! Who runs this Rewrite Your Novel thing, and where are the prizes? ["Blogger's" Note: I'm in charge, thank you for asking, Ms. Joseph! But we haven't given away a prize since a DVD of the Martin and Lewis film THE STOOGE, and that was a discouraging process, unlikely to be repeated.] For several years [Ms. Joseph continues] I referred to it as 'my 8-year drawer novel' ["Blogger's" Note: because she had stuck it in a drawer] and swore it would never again see light. But I came across it by accident last summer, after I'd finally forgotten it, and decided it was pretty good. Also, I could see how to fix it... My goal is to have it to my agent by the end of May." That's the spirit, Ms. Joseph! And it fits perfectly with the timeworn traditions of National Rewrite Your Novel Month. Thanks for writing, Ms. Joseph. We mean that in every sense!