Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jack's Tips For Friendly Book Likers II

I just finished ANAGRAMS by Lorrie Moore. You think it's funny then BANG it hits you in the gut and BANG it gets you again. But the hilarious puns never stop, even then. Never in the field of human endeavor have puns and bad jokes of such hilarity been put to such serious purpose. In that way it made me think of WHY DID I EVER by Mary Robison, a book recommended to me by Pia Z. and one which I, in turn, now recommend to you. But who cares what books I like? One tip, though. Don't read ANAGRAMS and WHY DID I EVER back to back. In between, knock off a couple of other books as buffers or palate cleansers or something. Otherwise it'll be too much! Think of your frail constitution! Your mouth will be laughing and your brain filled with sadness. Have I expressed properly that I don't know what I'm talking about? But those are good books, I'll stick by that much. This has been one in a series of vague suggestions.