Thursday, May 10, 2007

Where Have They Gone, the Aquamen of Yore?

Here is a note for newcomers to the "blog." You may be confused if you "click" on the "link" I have provided over there in that column to the right - the one that refers to my "fave" Aquaman "blog" - and you do not immediately see something about the Guardian of the Deep, Aquaman. See, what Ms. Gjovaag - the proprietor of the "blog" in question - used to do was "post" a lot of summaries of old Aquaman stories - such as one in which Aquaman swims around in champagne (!) - and, regular as clockwork, they gave me a frisson of pleasure as I enjoyed my first "joe" of the day. I responded to their lovingly dry and appreciative tone, the way the most astounding plot devices were catalogued with clipped, knowing sincerity and undisguised affection. But as far as I can tell, the last time she "posted" an Aquaman summary was nearly three weeks ago! I am not complaining. I understand how someone can get tired of "blogging" about the same thing all the time. Besides, Ms. Gjovaag provides a "link" to her own Aquaman fan site right there on her "blog," so Aquaman is never really more than a "click" away. And I enjoy looking at the various things Ms. Gjovaag DOES put up. Still, I don't know, my mornings haven't been the same lately.