Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bissell 'n' Me

We were wondering why we hadn't heard from "Blog" Buddy Tom Bissell in a good while... thanks to a "link" over on Maud Newton's "web" site, now we know! He's out and about looking for the graves of the twelve apostles. It can take a lot out of a fellow, something like that. Me, I just stay at home looking for the "blogs" of the twelve apostles. I'm a "virtual" explorer as they call it in the special language of "computers"! Although we did go to a great wedding today. If you will do your math, figuring that I "post" my "posts" according to "Pacific" time BUT actually live in the "Eastern" time "zone," you will note that it was a big night - I'd say we were celebrating for six or seven hours. Another thing I will say is that my mother-in-law sure can dance! She had a large circle of enthralled men down on one knee (apiece) around her, clapping in time. She's from Egypt (where a couple of apostles might be buried for all I know... take a look, Tom! That's a tip from the "blog"). Anyway, the mothers-in-law from there sure do know how to dance! There's a lot more to tell about the beautiful wedding and the happy bride and groom but I like to keep important stuff off the "blog" as much as possible.