Tuesday, May 15, 2007

MySpace... or "Lie" Space?

You know I have problems with "myspace." Formerly, these problems were mainly of a technical nature. But these days, MySpace is being used to make me look bad! For example, Kent Osborne has taken down his "myspace" "post" about his nemesis and replaced it with one about shortcake, thereby making me look crazy for mentioning his supposed (and now ephemeral, perhaps even apocryphal) nemesis! Shortcake is the opposite of a nemesis! Next thing you know, Sheri Joseph "posts" something on "myspace" stating that we have "not much in common." Based on Sheri Joseph's "myspace" list of "faves," I would like to mention several "faves" that she, BY HER OWN TACIT ADMISSION, has in common with me: Kelly Hogan, THE OFFICE, LOST, RESCUE ME (the first two seasons at least; we've slacked off), THE WIRE, MOBY-DICK, REVOLUTIONARY ROAD by Richard Yates, CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, MADAME BOVARY, HELL AT THE BREECH by Tom Franklin, AIRSHIPS by Barry Hannah (as good as DUBLINERS and A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND, and I recommend his BATS OUT OF HELL as highly), YOUR BODY IS CHANGING by me, REMAINS OF THE DAY (in fact I just loaned it to my sister). So there! I hope this settles everything. (Pictured, Rupert Murdoch, owner of "myspace." Hey, if you want to "hang out" with "Rupe" and his happy-go-lucky friends, get yourself a "myspace" page! It's probably none of my business!)