Saturday, December 29, 2007


McNeil takes exception to my characterization of his feelings about Betty Hutton: "I don't want to give the blogging world the wrong impression ... I don't think Betty Hutton is NOT energetic. I just don't have a problem with her energeticness ... I like her energeticness, which is why I watch the clip over and over and over ..." I went to bed last night seriously obsessing over the idea that I had phrased the part of the "post" to which McNeil is referring in the wrong way. McNeil confirms this! I gave the impression through my vague wording that McNeil found Hutton ... I don't know ... sloth-like, which would be crazy. "Opposite" was the offending term. Well, now the matter has been cleared up, maybe. In a way, I don't care, because this is a "blog." Energeticness is not a word, for example, and I don't care about that.