Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Photo Credit

Speaking of that New York Times web piece, I should take this opportunity to credit Charles G. Steffen (we call him Chuck!) with my author photo. That's Chuck, though, in this picture, not me. It's about time that we brought him into the light of day. You see, Chuck is the anonymous "history professor" to whom the "blog" often makes reference. He's an expert in early American history and has taken all three of my author photos (the one that accompanies the Times piece is from my second book). Chuck was Theresa's mentor back when she was an undergrad, and his teaching still influences her work. Most of all I am glad to call Chuck by name because now the world can know that he is the one who thought up the greatest nickname ever for Mel Torme: The Round Mound of Sound (as first reported on the "blog" over a year ago). PS: I don't know who gets the credit for Chuck's photo here. It's a crazy world we live in!