Sunday, December 02, 2007

What They're Watching In the Delta

Boy, the responses to our "fave" movie project keep pouring in. I notice that now people have taken to listing several movies rather than one - the latter requirement one that the always succinct Phil Oppenheim had no trouble fulfilling: he did not even use words! I am equally fond of these longer lists. But my poor little fingers get so tired typing the titles into our Giant Repository of Film. I'm a brave and admirable man! Otherwise, these "posts" are just cut-and-paste, which I love. As you know, it's the heart of "blogging." Well, we've got some good viewing ideas today, and we'll start out with an email from Jamie Kornegay, part owner of the great store Turnrow Books in Greenwood, MS. Remember Turnrow this holiday season! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Jamie: "My favorites are always war movies somehow, maybe because I killed men in a previous life. I always loved Apocalypse Now, which creates the best mood of any film I've seen, but a few years ago I got on a Serbo-Croatian kick (I recommend getting on one -- they made some of the best art of the 1990s because they were all tormented) and I watched a movie called Underground by director Emir Kusturica. I haven't seen a better movie since, and I still aspire to have my very own brass band follow me around and serenade. Seek this out, it's one of a kind. Then see me for more Serbo-recommendations."