Monday, December 31, 2007

That Ramones Documentary

That Ramones documentary really opened up possibilities for the kind of rambling, disconnected outburst that is the whole purpose of "blogging." For example, I recalled that one of our "Blog" Buddies (whose name will be withheld here to protect his privacy) lived in the same building where (and when) Dee Dee Ramone passed away. In the documentary, Dee Dee brought up the name and oeuvre of Schoolly D, perhaps the original gangster rapper and a man with whom Barry B. and I once enjoyed a brief but fruitful professional relationship, in conjunction with a kids' show that we used to make. You never hear about Schoolly D anymore, though I brought him up in passing in an Oxford American music issue. And yes, Barry B. and I once made a kids' show. I have discovered that there is even a Wikipedia article about it. "Click" here for the article, which contains a small bit of accurate information here and there. Need more proof? Well, it seems timely to mention that back in '96, one of our lovable characters ran for president. I close with a clip of her campaign video (campaign song composed by Jon Langford):