Saturday, December 01, 2007

"Blog" Movie Club 8

To get into the spirit of things, I have listed a bunch of my own "fave" movies over on my "myspace" page. Thank you for your time and attention. Meanwhile, Sheri Joseph, our trusty Bird Correspondent (not to mention a crackerjack novelist when she's not out birdwatching), shares what she calls "a completely arbitrary and sentimental pick: HEATHERS." We thought she would pick one named FEATHERS! Because she likes birds! Ha ha ha! Over at the history professor's house, he digs THE THIRD MAN, while his wife says THE ENGLISH PATIENT (like Bissell when moody; see the first "link" in this "post," or "click" here to learn of her affection for Jerry Lewis) and Son of History Professor, who is just off to college, joins Tom Franklin in admiring APOCALYPSE NOW. They are a together family, baby!