Thursday, May 22, 2008

Caring and Loving

Hi! Still no "internet." I'm "blogging" from the "road." That's how much I care about you, the lonely and pitiful "blog" reader! So, I was leafing through a book about Godard - yes I was! - and I found out that he was planning to shoot a movie in America, costarring Gene Kelly and William Faulkner! I am not lying. But it was 1962 and Faulkner passed away and that was the end of that. I am "blogging" from my mother-in-law's computer and cannot take up any precious time or computer energy with "links" right now, but I vow to create "links" to previous "blog" mentions of Faulkner, Gene Kelly, Godard, my mother-in-law, etc., if and when I ever get "internet" access again. I also vow to put up a nice picture of the great Anna Karina, who was supposed to star in Godard's movie as an aspiring actress who ends up as Faulkner's maid.