Saturday, May 10, 2008

Nostradamus's Newspaper

Come with me now, into the mysterious realm of the future, where we shall read TOMORROW'S NEWSPAPER TODAY! Yes, although it is Saturday, we have seen a portion of Sunday's New York Times, an article ("click" here) about Lynda Barry, to be precise, in which our good friend Kelly Hogan is summed up parenthetically in two words by a Times reporter. "Torch singer" they call her. That is pretty good as far as two-word parenthetical summations go - although I think Kelly has heard that one a lot and is probably tired of it. Just a guess. "Chanteuse" is worse! Speaking of Lynda Barry, it is my sad duty to report that I will not be in that anthology with her after all. The subject of my essay was supposed to be "a bad relationship." I could not think of anything that seemed gentlemanly to report and besides I was always the bad one, which ran counter to the anthology's theme. Oh well! But it made me sad because I wanted to rub shoulders with Lynda Barry. (Pictured, the future.)