Saturday, May 17, 2008

Night of the Fireball

We heard that John Currence was roasting a pig in his driveway. So we dropped by to see what such a process might look like. But that was not the most interesting thing we saw! A young woman - a casual visitor, mind you, NOT a professional entertainer - took these ropes or chains with spheres dipped in pitch at the ends of them (I am not sure it was pitch; I am not sure what "pitch" is; I think I read about it in a Poe story) and she dropped them in the fire, these spheres on the ends of chains, and then she did a dance while spinning these flaming spheres in a rapid and acrobatic fashion. There is probably a word for all this, a technical term from vaudeville days, but I don't know what it is. I am also obliged to mention, due to the "blog's" cataloguing mania, that the fireball dancer's roommate spontaneously (without foreknowledge of the "blog") mentioned a velvet suit worn by Gary Oldman during his portrayal of Dracula. But the best part of the story is when the woman who danced with fireballs said, "Does anyone else want to try it?" and Theresa said "Sure!" and went out there and grabbed a flaming sphere on the end of a chain and danced around with it, whirling it about her person as if born for the job. Harrowing and delightful. Enlivens any party. Get yourself a fireball today.