Monday, May 12, 2008

Velvety Chuck

Theresa and I watched THE OMEGA MAN last night. Do you know what Charlton Heston does after his first battle with the mutants? He goes upstairs to his penthouse suite and changes into a green velvet suit with an extraordinarily frilly shirt. Longtime "blog" readers will celebrate the return of our famous velvet suit tally after its long dormancy. Others will pity me for the way I squander my precious time. Who is right? History will judge! P.S. I found one picture of Charlton Heston in his green velvet suit on the "internet," but it was grainy and dark and made the suit look like a bathrobe. Anticlimactic! So instead, I present a crystal clear "still" of THE OMEGA MAN (above), striking for its lack of context, sans velvet suit, sans everything. Enjoy!