Friday, May 30, 2008

Purple J

Dr. "M." would like to add herself to the growing chorus of people who think I look like Guillermo del Toro. "I know you won't believe me," she writes, "but I had thought the same thing about your del Toro resemblance months ago when I saw his photo in EW. On another note," (Dr. "M." continues), "every time I buy cat litter I say to the pet store salesperson, 'I'll take a bottle of Everclear, just kidding.' I say this because the brand of litter [the Farmer] and I regularly purchase goes by the name of Ever Clean. Well today my witty quip sparked the clerk and I to reminisce about drinking Purple J**** out of a bathtub at high school parties. Not the same parties, mind you, since I think he is still in high school." Note: Dr. "M.'s" beverage of choice is named after a famous deity and we choose not to give offense by spelling it out, though it occurs to us that John Turturro played a character of the same name in THE BIG LEBOWSKI and wore a lot of purple. Coincidence? Needless to say, the "blog" does not endorse the drinking of alcohol by minors. We merely reflect society in all its glorious array.