Friday, May 16, 2008

The Feature Formerly Known As "The FBIL's Annotation Korner"

We're moving again, not that it's any of your concern! Though I thought I should explain my prediction of "blog" slowdown. Still, even with everything going on, how can we resist another edition of "The FBIL's Annotation Korner," or whatever we're going to call it now that the FBIL has become the NBIL? We are especially happy because the NBIL has chosen to annotate - and therefore possibly revive - our much-missed UFO column, if we may speak for ourselves, "McNeil's 'Way... Way Out.'" I turn things over to the NBIL, who writes (and includes a "link"): "The Vatican is getting in on the UFO game saying that we should embrace aliens as our brothers sisters. My question is, how can we embrace them if we're paralyzed with fear like those guys from Mississippi?" Good question, NBIL! And you bring up an interesting topic - namely, McNeil. He left a breathless phone message the other day, bragging that MARRIAGE ON THE ROCKS was coming on TCM "in thirteen minutes." As I mentioned, we are in the process of moving, which is none of your concern, except insofar as it explains why I could not pinpoint the time, nor indeed the date, of McNeil's phone message, which was left at the "old" number. According to McNeil's phone message, which I may be misinterpreting because - as I have hinted - he was hyperventilating at the time, MARRIAGE ON THE ROCKS is about "Frankie and Dino! They're ad men who steal each other's wives!" If accurately relayed and transcribed, this certainly places MARRIAGE ON THE ROCKS within the special interests of the "blog." Anyhow, the timing and the mise-en-scene are both moot because, as McNeil well knows, we do not have TCM. But we will! Come Monday, we will! It's thanks to the move, which is none of your concern.