Monday, May 19, 2008

Smirking Hipster In Velvet

I lied! No TCM today. Dust-up with the monopolizing local "cable" "provider." Why do "cable" "providers" hate me? I love the "cable" they "provide" so much! So, no "internet" either, probably for a week, as I search for a friendlier and more obliging corporation. In the meantime, I have popped over to Ron Shapiro's juice bar (Main Squeeze, it's called) to take advantage of their free "wi-fi." That's Ron Shapiro's Main Squeeze, on University, behind Pizza Hut, for all your juice needs. And don't forget the free "wi-fi"! On to the business at hand. I couldn't wait a week and "blog" this from home! Last night, Theresa and I saw another velvet suit. I used to prefer the "blog's" ongoing velvet suit count to the much more strenuous and time consuming cigarette holder count. Cigarette holders would deluge me without warning, whereas velvet suits were rare, and while nominally working to promote the "blog's" studied air of obsession, afforded us welcome relief from typing. No more! Now we see velvet suits everywhere. They are as common and require as much energy to record and annotate as cigarette holders. The big coincidence is that this is our second velvet suit in a row to have associations with Dracula. Last night Theresa and I watched DRACULA A.D. 1972, which was notable for two reasons: first, the evil, smirking hipster who brought Dracula back to life wore NUMEROUS velvet suits! (The actor, Christopher Neame, reminded me of Bill Hader from the current cast of SNL. I'll try to find a couple of pictures so you can judge for yourself. The other great thing about Neame, and his character, is that he actually used one of McNeil's favorite phrases, promising his hipster friends that they were going to see something "way... way out." That thing? Him bringing Dracula back to life.) Second, DRACULA A.D. 1972 featured the exact kind of band McNeil loves to see in the movies. This one was called either "Stoneground" or "the Stoneground." (They had their own special opening credit - "And introducing 'Stoneground'" - but in the movie they were called "the Stoneground" by one character, and performed their hit "Alligator Man.")