Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This Is the Back of Harrison Ford

It looks like the "blog" just narrowly missed out on receiving updates from the Cannes Film Festival, thanks to our good friend Mark Osborne, whose new film KUNG FU PANDA was showing over there, in the land of "France." Here is a picture of Harrison Ford's blue t-shirt. Yes, that is Harrison Ford's back. Mark annotates: "Jack! I just realized that I should have been sending you Cannes updates for your blog! What a missed opportunity. Maybe I can send you random 'big time Hollywood updates' once in a while like this one: Dateline Cannes- Rumor has it that Indiana Jones sure likes finger sandwiches! Here he is filling up a tiny plate with them in the Cannes press suite. [My buddy] John Santry commented, 'it looks like the guy in the foreground was just told he was eating chilled monkey brains.'"