Friday, May 09, 2008

Dr. "M.'s" TV Korner

Welcome again to Dr. "M.'s" TV Korner. Today Dr. "M." dashes off a brief note - brief, yes, but a shining model nonetheless of the factual accuracy and grammatical precision we have come to expect from Dr. "M." "Amy Madigan," she writes, " is the actress to whom you refer." Hey, it occurs to me while typing that "actress" is an outmoded word - right? - and everyone is a plain old "actor" now, regardless of gender, which is as it should be. I'm too lazy to correct my former "post" (or this one) but I will try to be more thoughtful in the future. When Dr. "M." uses the word "actress" she is quite properly adhering to the content (however flawed) of the "primary source," and is too polite to correct me, another of Dr. "M.'s" admirable traits. In other Dr. "M." news, she is trying to tempt me to join facebook. My bitter, suspicious feelings on the subject are well known.