Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And Still the Sea Is Salt. Know What I Mean?

Atlantans of Atlanta! I will see you at the highly anticipated A Cappella Ballroom Book Bash tomorrow (Thursday) at 8 PM by the reckoning of your strange Atlantan clocks. Will you have a few laughs? Well, I was going to title this "post" with the vague pun "The Lost Continence of Atlantans," but it would have been misleading as well as vulgar. The best you can expect is a mild smirk at my expense. But it will be worth it if you enjoy smirking as much as I do! Plus the melodies of Hubcap City, the best band in Atlanta and much of the rest of the world, will entrance you. And there will be delicious snacks, from my understanding of it. Now this means that I will once again have to go without "blogging" for a number of days. What if my "blogging" skills become rusty? What if the "blog" withers on the "vine"? What if it comes to pass that there is one less "blog" in the world? Can you IMAGINE? Remember what A.E. Housman (pictured) said that time: "It rains into the sea,/ And still the sea is salt." Know what I mean?