Thursday, August 21, 2008

McNeil's Movie Korner: Sweet Ride on the Road to Utopia

Welcome once again to our longest running regular feature, "McNeil's Movie Korner." McNeil, fascinated by my tale of the cab driver whose life was changed by the Bob Denver film THE SWEET RIDE, has located what he calls "the only clip of THE SWEET RIDE on YouTube." But before you "click" here, be aware of a few things: 1) It is a homemade video "tribute" to THE SWEET RIDE. 2) The theme song from THE SWEET RIDE, sung by the great Dusty Springfield, is looped so that it plays twice in a row. I admire Dusty Springfield very much, but listening to the theme song from THE SWEET RIDE twice in a row is not for everybody, not even for people who admire Dusty Springfield as I do. The homemade "tribute" is, then, perhaps twice as long as it needs to be. 3) There is some disturbing misogynistic material in the montage. On the plus side, you will likely become bored before that happens and disengage from the YouTube. In other movie news from the land of McNeil, McNeil has picked out his favorite item from that Library of Congress Bob Hope exhibition (see above). It's a page from the script of THE ROAD TO UTOPIA, with handwritten notes. "Both jokes are great!!" McNeil writes, referring to the penciled-in alternate gags at the bottom of the page. "How did they decide?!"