Friday, August 01, 2008

All At Once While Drinking Scotch

Yesterday in Time Out New York, I jokingly said, "I deal in emotional realism!" But it turns out that maybe I do for real! Because in today's very nice review of my new novel AWESOME in the San Francisco Chronicle, the reviewer says, "There's an honesty of emotion here that's not forced into being." But my favorite sentence recommends that AWESOME be "sampled in small bursts (or downed all at once while drinking scotch)." What a coincidence, because that's how I wrote it. Ha ha! Wheee! Just kidding! I also dug the reference to "The Faerie Queene." As for my former - and vastly noble - plan not to quote from reviews on the "blog," I guess that horse has already left the barn. My excuse this time is that I'm reading in San Francisco next week and need to trick a lot of people into coming. (Pictured, a William Bell Scott painting of an incident from "The Faerie Queen.")