Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Strange Case of the Vanishing MGMIEET

Yes, there was an episode of McNeil's Gold Medal International Emergency Exit Theatre on display here all day. McNeil had provided some lively and charming footage of a dancing troupe from the Red Army (I believe) overdubbed with Run DMC's equally lively and charming hit "It's Like That." Great number, great cossack-style dancing - together again for the first time. An all around delight. BUT! When I got home today, I noticed that the person who made the video (not McNeil; McNeil is innocent in this matter) included a secret "link" embedded within it to a crasser video (the "internet" is rife with strategically camouflaged sauciness, it turns out), a production not in keeping with the "blog's" strict policy of unreasonable prudery (despite the fact that the "blogmaster" is a writer of dirty books. A dichotomy to be sure! Who can understand the ways of the human mind? Not me!). So anyway, that's where the video went. You're not crazy! Go listen to Run DMC! They do not need a "cute" video to bolster them, anyway. They don't need anything! They are Run DMC!