Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flap a Day

You will be glad to hear that I am continuing to read a different book flap every single day, and will no doubt compile my efforts into a nonfiction bestseller called something like FLAPPED: MY YEAR IN FLAPS. Today's flap comes from the dust jacket of CROW PLANET, that book about crows I was telling you about. "Haupt's graceful prose illuminates a world of surprising crow behavior," explains the flap. I don't really read the flaps. I just skim them. So maybe my ambitious project is to skim a different book flap every single day for a year, yes, that's what my ambitious project is. (For those who are concerned because there is a squirrel accompanying a "post" about crows, please recall that the "blog" is now illustrated almost exclusively at random. I try not to mention it anymore, but this one is just too close, I think. Squirrels are like crows, aren't they? Why do I think that? Maybe there's something wrong with my brain!)