Monday, October 19, 2009

This Is Not a Flap

Attention, people who do my bidding! Today is the day for you to go see the brilliant and affable Joshua Gaylord read from his brand new novel HUMMINGBIRDS at Square Books. Five PM Central Time. Got it? Mr. Gaylord arrived in town yesterday evening, bearing a gift from New York City - specifically, from Megan Abbott, and more specifically, if I am to believe the bookmark, something Megan Abbott picked up for me at the American Association of University Women Dearborn Branch 59th Annual Used Book Sale. So although Ms. Abbott lives in NY, I suppose Mr. Gaylord came bearing a gift from Michigan. It is a paperback from 1955, costing 35 cents when first published in "a genuine Cardinal edition": HAVE TUX, WILL TRAVEL, BOB HOPE'S OWN STORY by Bob Hope. On the front there is a humorously smirking Mr. Hope, captioned thusly: AT LAST! THE FACTS ON HOW A REGULAR, ORDINARY BABY GREW UP TO LOOK LIKE THIS! And on the back (now, this cannot count as my book flap for the day, because paperbacks do not have flaps) in bright blue font: "What is this man's cobra-like fascination that drives readers mad?" One might also ask what kind of University Woman of Dearborn could bear to part with suchlike treasure? Whoever she is, God bless her and keep her!