Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Shoo-Be-Doo Revision

Wait! Today's representative phrase from the New York Times arts section is "an unlikely mix of Shamballa and shoo-be-doo." This is a startling upset for the "sketch of lush harmonies to come" one. I should really read the entire arts section before making my important decision. My apologies to the guy who wrote about the sketch of lush harmonies to come. The revised poem based on representative phrases from the New York Times arts section now goes like this: "After some conversation and homemade sorbet,/ I watched a world of wonders unfold./ Bass was played, largely superfluously,/ by Mr. Brenner, an unlikely mix/ of Shamballa and shoo-be-doo./ The crowd for the most part swayed/ in reverent silence." I know this turns Mr. Brenner himself into an unlikely mix of Shamballa and shoo-be-doo but that's how things are in poetry: weird and crazy like!