Friday, October 23, 2009

Frasier, Briefly

Much as we have chosen to do for the late Soupy Sales, we include a new (to the "blog") photo with this edition of our popular regular feature "Frasier, Briefly," despite the "blog's" recent ban on wasteful new illustrations and the fact that Frasier is still very much with us. (Hey, look! It's Frasier hanging out with my best friend Elvis Costello! I wonder if they talked about me!) For you see, this is a special occasion: Kelly Hogan is pleased to announce that she has finally watched each and every episode of FRASIER. "I'm done with Frasier," as she tersely puts it. But I don't believe that for a minute! No one is ever done with Frasier. Hogan reports that she thought of our long conversations about Frasier's frequent shirtlessness as she viewed a show from the final season. "He's EXTRA naked in that one!" she said, referring to an episode in which Frasier is forced to wear a diaper for hilarious reasons.