Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Accidental Ornette Inscription

Hi! I am listening to the album FREE JAZZ by Ornette Coleman. You have many good reasons for not caring what I do with my time! But I was just thinking about when I first bought the FREE JAZZ LP as an inquisitive youth filled with childlike wonder and so on. This is what I remember, though I cannot find anything on the "internet" to back me up: that the B side had the wrong stuff on it! It was like a flute concerto or something, yes, I want to say a flute concerto appeared on the B side by mistake. Is that even possible? Could a record-making machine accidentally inscribe the wrong grooves on the B side of a record? These are the questions I ask myself as I hasten toward the grave. Anyway, I took it back to the store and got a 100% Ornette Coleman A- and B-side FREE JAZZ record but now all these years later I think I should have held onto that first slab of freaky vinyl so that "Future Jack" (me now) could sell it on ebay for six dollars or something. Of course, back then, all I cared about was the music. I was so stupid! In other visionary saxophonist news, I splurged on a gigantic crazy Anthony Braxton CD box from Mosaic Records - rare stuff! - and now I check the mailbox every day all excited and everything, you should see my little apple cheeks aglow with anticipation. Yes, to answer your question, I find myself just as boring as you do.