Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ideas For Shoes

By the way, I spoke to Mr. Ward today. I think we mostly talked about Beetle Bailey for some reason. But you know how Mr. Ward always tries to convince me that the broadcast network television show PARENTHOOD is NOT about the ups and downs of life in a shoe factory, despite the fact that every time I accidentally see two seconds of it, it is always about the ups and downs of life in a shoe factory? Today I hit him with some hard facts: last night I caught a few seconds of PARENTHOOD and here is the EXACT line of dialogue that occurred as it flashed onto my TV screen: "The shoe business is hell, Sarah." With that, I clicked my clicker and it went away! Then later I happened to see a few more minutes of the show and Lauren Graham was in the back of a limousine with one of the Baldwin brothers, and he showed her his sketchbook, which contained his IDEAS FOR SHOES, including a golf shoe with retractable spikes. And then they started making out! So stop trying to tell me that the show is not about shoes. "All the interesting parts happen in the shoe factory," Mr. Ward admitted. Finally! (Hey, the characters in Beetle Bailey used to play golf a lot, so I thought I would cleverly combine two of the subjects of this "post" in my illustration. Instead, I found this "web" site that is nothing but comic book covers about golf. "Internet," you are crazy!)