Friday, November 26, 2010

Mitzi Deficit

Somehow I can't make myself believe that Kelly Hogan's recent mention of Mitzi Gaynor's "drunk scene" in THE JOKER IS WILD is the first Mitzi Gaynor reference ever to hit the "blog." How can that be? I was certain we had mentioned her in one of the "blog's" necessary contemplations of Robert Goulet's son-in-law and his many show biz connections. And as you know, sometimes the "blog's" search feature doesn't work correctly. So I have searched and searched in every way I know how, but I guess that really truly was our first Mitzi Gaynor reference, though my mind is reeling at the thought. Let's make up for it right now with this "link" to Mitzi Gaynor's official "web" page!