Saturday, November 27, 2010

Again With the Sad Clowns

Hey look! Here is a portrait Frank Sinatra painted of himself as a sad clown, yes, a self-portrait, that's what they call it. It was inspired by his role in THE JOKER IS WILD, recently discussed here, though I forgot to tell you that in a couple of scenes he really does appear as a sad clown, for real! I also forgot to tell you that THE JOKER IS WILD has a downbeat ending. After Frank Sinatra has driven away everyone who loves him, his reflection talks to him from a store window! His reflection gives him a hard time! And before you can stop to think about it, a big THE END is staring you in the face. The BBC "web" site where I found this sad clown picture that Frank Sinatra did of himself says it was also inspired by his broken heart (see previous "post"!) over Ava Gardner, only the BBC calls her "Eva Gardner," which is the dumbest mistake in the history of mistakes. Thanks for nothing, BBC! I mean, except for the sad clown picture.