Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mr. Ward's Multimedia Experience

"Ben Turpin reference?" asks Mr. Ward. "If you really want to hook the tweens you need to work in more current stars like Elmo Lincoln or Fred Ott." He is referring, of course, to our recent "post" about Super 8 movies. Mr. Ward goes on: "I actually owned two - 'Mr. Magoo in Paris'; hard to imagine anything duller than silent Mr. Magoo with subtitles but my friends would come over and we’d watch it over and over. We also had a 3 minute version of the Laurel and Hardy classic 'The Big Bang' which was so cut up it made no sense whatsoever. I remember cracking the other kids up by playing the movie backwards and laughing hysterically at Hardy (who was very hefty at this point) running. Once got 'Frankenstein' out of the library, which was great. Also checked out 'Oklahoma!' for my Mom’s birthday and my Dad made it a true multimedia experience by playing the soundtrack LP at the same time. At the time I imagined this was what rich people did every night."