Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Moon Swoon

Did you know there is maybe some art on the moon? That's what I learned from the twitter account of A. G. Pasquella. Oh, twitter! Every time I doubt you, you tell me there is art on the moon and what can I say to that? This art on the moon thing seems a little fishy. But I have decided to believe it. "Click" here to begin your own investigation! The thing I love about that "link" is this part of the New York Times caption to a photo of the moon art: "Thumb of person holding wafer obscures the signature of Andy Warhol." The "link" describes Warhol's moon art contribution as "a calligraphic squiggle made up of the initials of his signature." BUT if you do your research, you can find it on the "internet" and you will see the real reason that "thumb of person holding wafer" is obscuring it: it's too saucy for a family newspaper! I can say no more! Andy Warhol dirtied up the moon! If you choose to find it, you are responsible for your own swoon of disbelief. A moon swoon! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I love "blogging." Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Moon swoon! Ha! One of the little moon drawings reminds me of Ignatz Mouse from the great George Herriman comic strip KRAZY KAT, and that's cool, but what if some moon people find the art? They will be like, "This Earth guy who made up this mouse is a genius" and George Herriman will get no credit for inspiring the moon art. I am going to fix that by sending my "blog" to the moon with this picture of the real, authentic Ignatz Mouse.