Monday, November 29, 2010

Literary Matters

Welcome once again to "Literary Matters." I know! Literary matters are almost always horrible. I'm the one who told you as much! But today's literary matters are bearable for some reason. It will never happen again. 1) I found out why Doomed Book Club members Megan Abbott and Scott Phillips are so far behind in their reading of our current book club selection, Mack Sennett's autobiography. They are both reading CROOKED LETTER, CROOKED LETTER by Tom Franklin instead! And who can blame them? 2) I found out from the twitter account of my friend Michael that a crazy man will read the ENTIRE BOOK of LONG, LAST, HAPPY by Barry Hannah on the "internet." "Click" here for details. It will only happen once and will not be recorded, so if you miss it you are the world's biggest fool. That's how we used to do things in the olden days! Only once, and we didn't record it. You had to be there! And that's where the phrase "you had to be there" comes from, I guess. 3) Don't get excited because this isn't happening until March, but I am moderating a panel at the next Oxford Conference For the Book. I have invited Michael Kupperman and Joe Matt (pictured), and they are coming! One from New York and one from California! So this is going to be some kind of coast-to-coast thing, you dig me? I am calling my panel "Comic Book Auteurs." Fancy! And now we bid you adieu from all your "Literary Matters."