Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sidebar Shakeup

Hey, I don't think the myspace exists anymore, does it? I used to have the myspace page of Kent Osborne over there in my "Friendly Links" sidebar - in fact, it was there until just a few moments ago, when I replaced it with a new "link" to Kent's comic strip about his cat! WARNING! Kent is one of these modern cartoonists who likes to dabble in saucy language. So if you do not like your cartoons PG-13, I cannot be responsible for your shocked fainting should you choose to "click." Look, here is a picture of Kent's cat in real life, the real cat upon whom the cartoon cat is based! Maybe that's more your speed! Yes, that's fine, just stop while you're ahead. The kitty is yawning! Just yawning away! As I have mentioned, Kent's cat is almost a twin of one of our cats! Wow! So you can look at this cat and sort of imagine you are kind of seeing my cat! Gee!