Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bachelor Flat

Just as I predicted, Jeff McNeil will be recording BACHELOR FLAT today, thanks to his grasp of modern technology, while I'm off somewhere getting my hair cut and missing the whole thing. Remind me to tell you about the book that Jeff and I want to write, entitled Hipster Hegemony (that title came to us courtesy of my pal DJ Gnosis). Then Jeff and I added a colon and a long, scholarly subtitle. It all had something to do with BACHELOR FLAT and the Bob Hope movie I'LL TAKE SWEDEN and a bunch of other stuff nobody cares about. Well, I can't get into it now because I have to go get my hair cut. Darn haircut! (Pictured, Terry-Thomas, star of BACHELOR FLAT.) Baby! This is what "blogging" is all about.