Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Hey, remember when I said that "blogging" could bring people together? That was awesome when I said that. Now I have proof! The novelist James Whorton, Jr., felt compelled to respond to a recent "post," which reminded him of his own callow youth. "When I was growing up in Hattiesburg," Whorton writes, "someone used to call in to the classical music request show every week and request 'Bolero.' The host of the show would say, 'And I guess I am going to play "Bolero," since it was requested again.' He didn't hide that he was sick of it. And that reminds me further-when I was 11 years old and a student in the 6th grade at Ft. Clarke Middle School in Gainesville, Florida, there was a jukebox in the cafeteria and someone used to play 'Hot Child in the City' on it every day at lunch. Every day! At first people would groan when it started, but then it sort of became the lunch theme song and people would dance to it. To this day, whenever I hear that song I think of sausage pizza and milk. One more. When I was in college in Swansea, the song that got played on the jukebox in the college bar every night was 'Lady Elinor' by Lindisfarne." Thus ends Mr. Whorton's remembrance. I know we're all thinking the same thing: Dag! He had a jukebox in his middle-school cafeteria!