Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Blog" Generates Sadness, Rage, Confusion

After taking a day off yesterday, the "blog" has been deluged with complaints and cries for help. My brother-in-law is concerned about the dwindling production rate, which I can only blame on my exhausted interns. They have been working their little hearts out! But it's simply not enough. We're getting rid of the lot of them, and holding open calls for a fresh set of eyes. In the meantime, a disturbing note from Jeff McNeil was tossed into the lobby, attached to a rock. Mr. McNeil, seemingly reeling from the effects of some over-the-counter medication, insists that I figure out a way to mention Jerry Lewis so often that this "blog" comes up first on the "internet" when he "googles" for Jerry Lewis. If I do not comply, McNeil insists that he will start his own "blog." He goes on to make some chilling threats on the Pendarvis Building itself, involving a catapult. It is sad to see such a bright young mind in so much distress. While I wait for the new interns, I will attempt to "blog" alone. Thank you for your patience in this matter.